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Why You Should Give UniSilver TIME Watches as Christmas Gifts

December 21, 2016



         Hello and happy holidays everyone!  The name's Antoinette Cynthia Myrer. You can call me "Cindy". I'll be the foil to Mr. Bushman's obnoxious behavior and style though I was mainly taken in to write about fashion, DIYs, and other things that hover around the world of horology.

         This is a "sponsored" entry, by the way. I was paid by my employer to do this since this isn't really my expertise. However, I've bought watches from this brand for years and I've grown to trust it completely. Kind of like a "suki" system at the market. Once you trust a brand's product, you will always come to it.

         UniSilver TIME is relatively new in the watch industry, spanning only a decade or so. For such a young and relatively inexperienced proprietor of timepieces, they have held a standard that could compete against the international market.

         Now, since there are only a few days left before Christmas, and you might not have completed yet your shopping, I'll point out the following answers to the questions posed by this article:

        -      Affordable

        -      Stylish

        -      Hypoallergenic & Durable Materials

        -      Big Savings

        -      Variety

        -      Quality Service

        -      Nationwide Presence


        Let's break it down.


         Watches cost a lot. These time-telling bracelets on our wrist can cost a fortune if you're not careful.  However, UniSilver TIME is one of - if not, THE - cheapest watch in the market.  Even better, they're just as reliable as big-name brands.



         UniSilver TIME watches pride in being hypoallergneic.  Watch allergies may be completely avoided if you take to cleaning your piece whenever you take it off, but the human body is a strange thing.  Luckily, UniSilver TIME watches are made of materials that do not trigger such a reaction.  I've personally had a watch from this brand (way before I was hired, of course) for over 6 years and  it has yet to cause a reaction.  Of course, that comes with regular maintenance and proper hygiene.  Wash that wrist and wipe that watch with cloth once the day is done!


No rashes whatsovever.


        Also, the watches are made to match durability standards of the international market.  I know it's no Casio, but it's unfair to compare it to the king of durability, okay?  It's like saying that Jared Leto could never hold a candle against Heath Ledger when it comes to portraying The Joker.  That's just wrong.  Going back, UniSilver TIME watches are as tough as they should be.  You can even pass them down to your kids if it's still alive by then.

        Now, high-end watches can cost a pretty penny.  Very rarely are they priced below four or five figures.  Well, I'm please to say that UniSilver TIME always hold these periods of massive - and I mean MASSIVE - sales.  Where else can you see watches have a 70% discount?  I repeat, that's 70%!  That's huge!  What other watch company does that?  Adding even more to this, they even have "Buy 1, Free 1" offers!  It's every shopaholic's dream!

      I suddenly wanna buy more...

        And lastly, variety.  There are PLENTY of choices here.  Last I heard, it was over 5,000 watch varieties.  And I've only seen at least a thousand, so I don't really know what's truly in store.  But from what I have seen, there is a lot to choose from when it comes to UniSilver TIME.  Watches for guys, watches for girls, watches for teens, watches for kids, watches for your dad, watches for your mom, watches for your brother, watches for your sister, watches for your successful uncle, watches for your not-so-successful-aunt, watches for your WW2 veteran grandpa, watches for your grandma, watches for your niece, watches for your nephew, watches for your girlfriend, watches for your boyfriend, watches for your wedding day, watches for your anniversary, watches for your firstborn, watches for the day he/she graduates, and many, many more!


Decisions, decisions, decisions...

        With this huge variety of watches, there is always one other question that would loom over a person's head:  Would it look good on me?  This is where my expertise comes in and let me tell you that UniSilver TIME has more than enough choices to satisfy your needs.  Need a watch for a meeting?  Check.  A casual watch for a morning jog?  Check.  Dinner by candlelight?  There's also a watch for that.  Or if you simply want a watch that would complement your inner Instagram-hungry personality, then UniSilver TIME has a large enough selection of watches to match that #OOTD.  Oh yeah, did I mention that celebrities also wear these?  And that new watches arrive at stores on an almost weekly basis so that your style will never grown stale?  Well, if you want to keep with the dizzyingly fast and ever-changing fashion trends, UniSilver TIME is the way to go.



        Lastly, every UniSilver TIME store nationwide (check the list below) has watch technicians ready to fix up your watch whenever it takes a bad tumble like a battery or strap replacement.  More intensive repairs and treatments are taken to the Job Order HQ to ensure your watch would almost be as good as brand new, and to make it last for a long, long time. That's great quality service!

        (Left - technician at a store; right - at the HQ).

         They're trained pros.  They know what they're doing.


          There will be a follow-up to this article detailing suggestions on which watches you should buy.  See you then!

(Photos taken at UniSilver TIME store located at SM City Manila)

Written by:  Antoinette Cynthia Myrer

About the Author:  Part Korean, part Scottish, budding fashionista, and frustrated interior designer.  Mellow and serious, especially when at work.  According to her peers, she rarely smiles and have been led to believe that she doesn't know how to laugh.  These facts are false.  She only laughs when she's drunk out of her mind.  Met John Michael Bushman once and he spilled his drink on her.  Accident, supposedly.  She has yet to forgive him.