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UniSilver TIME Watches are the Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

December 22, 2016


        Okay, it's down to the wire now.  You only have 3 days left before the biggest holiday of the year.  And - wait, you don't have the time?  And the only day you can actually go shopping is on the 24th?  Now that's cutting it really close.  But fine, I'll help you out.

       There are a lot of options when it comes to last minute Christmas shopping.  But if you want a gift that would make it look like you put some effort into it, a watch is a perfect choice.  "But, watches are expensive!  I need a cheap option here, Antoinette.", you tell me.  Well, there is one brand that is far cheaper - and just as reliable - as a Rolex or Omega.  It's UniSilver TIME.

        UniSilver TIME has a plethora of watches to choose from.  However, I'll only be talking in a general sense because I don't want the guys who handle inventory to go ballistic over specific pieces.  But I believe you'll get the idea by the end of this entry.

        If you want to get your dad a watch, I highly recommend going for "big" watches.  In other words, watches that look like they could pass as as teacup saucer due to their sheer width.  I honestly don't know why dads love these types of watches so much.  And this is regardless whether the straps are stainless steel or rubber.  Lastly, go for analog or analog-digital, unless your dad specifically prefers digital.  For stainless steel watches, don't go for two-tone.  For any type of watch, solid colors are the way to go for dad.

       These good-looking watches will definitely impress men.

        For mom, a smaller watch is always a good choice.  And preferably stainless steel.  Again, I don't know why but my mom always wear small watches and I've seen her friends wear similarly-sized timepieces.  For color, mom can rock any, even two-tone.

        Adding to mom and dad, you can even get them pair watches, also known as couple watches.  Saves you a lot of time rather than make individual choices.  Of course, stainless steel is the way to go.  As for color, you can only go gold or two-tone.

        One last thing, you can apply everything I just told you here to your grandparents.  The only difference being the color of choice must be gold and nothing else.    

Gold and two-tones look very elegant and dignified.


            Up next are your siblings.  I highly recommend giving them a "trendy" watch.  For your sister, go bright and colorful or something with sparkles, then make sure it's analog.  

Older women usually prefer stainless steel, while younger ones go for rubber or plastic straps.  Either way, sparkling stones, mother-of-pearl dials, and pink and white colors are a favorite regardless of age.

        For your brother, go with camouflage or solid colors like red and blue then make sure it's digital or analog-digital.  Hey, if you want your sibling to look cool, you'd better make sure they're styled up just right.

        Next up are your aunts and uncles.  Honestly, I'd say to just give them whatever but that would be unfair.  Are they in key positions in a company?  Then go for a sapphire glass lens, an extremely durable timepiece.  This would be a good, physical symbol of what they have achieved.  Are they young and hip?  Go for one of the many digital watches UniSilver TIME has.  But if you want to go the extra mile, consider getting them a chronograph.  It's a tad more expensive than the rest, but it'll be well worth putting a wide smile across their faces.

Only diamond can scratch the sapphire glass lenses of these watches.


       But what about kids? Are there watches for kids as well?  Yes there is! There is a wide selection of children's watches by UniSilver TIME  that you can definitely gift to the young ones and the little teens as well.  They're bright, cheerful, and full of vibrant energy much like the children who will wear them.

Kids can have fun and be fashionable too with these watches.

        From family, we move to your circle of friends.  Get you #squadgoals on!

    For the guys, go with digital watches.  More often than not, they come with rubber straps so they will give off that extra cool vibe.  Colors come in camouflage or those dark, edgy hues.  Fit for the manly men out there.  Speaking of fit, there are watches with a built-in pedometer.  Perfect for those who want to achieve a lean, mean body.  For the ladies, there are a plethora of plastic, stainless steel and rubber watches with designs that would really meet your expectations for that perfect Instagram pic with #OOTD on it.  Pink and white are just some of the colors that are part of the selection.

        And last but certainly not the least, your significant other.  UniSilver TIME has no shortage of pair watches under its belt, and they range from a variety of materials and colors.  You can opt for stainless steel if you want a more formal vibe or rubber for a more casual look.  Either way, your love will shine through and make him/her happy.

Pair watches are a testament of two people's love for each other.


      And that's all she wrote everyone!  This is merely a fraction of what UniSilver TIME has to offer. If you truly want to see the ENTIRE collection, just head to any of these stores located nationwide:

        As the British would say:  Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year to all of you!

Written By:  Antoinette Cynthia Myrer

About the Author:  Part Korean, part Scottish, budding fashionista, and frustrated interior designer.  Mellow and serious, especially when at work.  According to her peers, she rarely smiles and have been led to believe that she doesn't know how to laugh.  These facts are false.  She only laughs when she's drunk out of her mind.  Met John Michael Bushman once and he spilled his drink on her.  Accident, supposedly.  She has yet to forgive him.