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Seven Watches More Expensive Than A Sports Car

January 06, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Let's start 2017 by making you cry! Yes, I'm serious. If the title isn't any indication, you really will try your best to conceal, don't feel, and let it go.

Let me get one thing out of the way: to induce more tears, I will only list watches that are at least one million dollars. You got that? Oh, you're crying already? Good. You just reacted like I did when I was told to make this list. I only see these pieces in pictures and not actually own them, let alone even see them for realsies.

Before I actually get to the list, let me tell you that UniSilver TIME's most expensive watch only costs under $80* (the exact price being 3,895 PHP and it's this handsome chronograph here).

Just under $80! That's not even a fraction of the price of the timepieces here! Now you'e probably wondering by this point: WHAT THE HELL MAKES A WATCH SO EXPENSIVE?!?!?

            Well, there are only three things to keep in mind:

  •         Expensive parts (some watches use meteoric rocks and dinosaur bones. Yes. Don't question it.)
  •         Amount of time it took to make the piece
  •         Uniqueness


      Certain luxury watches have fascinating stories behind them as you'll see later in the list. Here are seven of some of the most expensive watches out there.

            1.)  Vacheron Tour de I'Ile ($1,250,000 = 62.5 million PHP)

      This is the cheapest watch on this list. The price tag will only keep soaring from here. What makes this piece unique are the two faces and the various complications, making this one of the most complex wristwatches in the industry.  There's another watch which outclasses it, but I will get to it later on the list. 

      2.)  A. Lange & Sohne Grand Complication ($2,497,000 = 124.85 million PHP)

            This piece has a moon-phase display, a monopusher chronograph, a minute repeater, and a perpetual calendar. This watch has functions I've never even heard of!  But that's not why it's here.  It's a beautiful piece, that's why.

            3.)  A Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch ($4.6 million = 230 million PHP)

            Would you believe me if I told you that this piece has a chunk of the moon in it?  I don't know how and why, but that's why this watch - along with three others like it - is THAT expensive. I'm currently doing some extra research as to how a chunk of moon rock will help the functionality of a watch.

             4.)  Hublot Big Bang ($5 million = 250 million PHP)

            Someone had a question: just how many diamonds can you fit into one watch?  Hublot has an answer and it is 1,280, with each diamond at 3 carats. Now another question: who would be crazy enough to buy something like this? Answer: Beyonce. She gave this as a gift to her husband, Jay-Z.  Oh well, she probably has enough money by this point to afford at least four more.

            5.)  Patek Philippe Henry Grave's Pocket Watch ($11 million = 550 million PHP)

            Patek Philippe watches are my personal favorite luxury pieces (right next to Movado). And I still cannot get over the fact at how bonkers the complications of this watch are!  With over 20 (21-24 being the offical count) functions, this pocket watch is just a work of art.  Only one pocket watch managed to outclass this piece.  We'll get to that at the #1 spot.  Anyway, why did Henry Graves - the creator of this piece and hence the name - make such a watch? Hashtag first world problems right there.

            6.)  Chopard 201-Carat Watch ($25 million = 1.25 billion PHP)

            If you thought the Henry Graves watch was bonkers, wait 'till you get a load of this!  Comprised of over 800 different diamonds, this is arguably the most expensive wristwatch in the world.  While there are obvious stones here and there, one would find even more minute diamonds on closer inspection. Question is, why even make something like this?!  Upon further research, no one really knows why.  No one knew what the people at Chopard were thinking.  In the end, let's just appreciate the rainbow-tastic masterpiece that lay before us.

            7.)  Breguet Marie Antoniette ($30 million = 1.5 billion PHP)

            Here it is.  THE most expensive watch in the world.  It's as fascinating as it is mysterious.  Because word has it that this was commissioned by a lover of the infamous Marie Antoinette and that Breguet himself was told to work on it.  Both people didn't even live to see this piece be completed.  Why?  Because it took over 40 years to do so!  40 YEARS!!! How?!  It has over 800 parts, far more than Henry Graves' piece which clock around 400-500.  Add to the fact that this was made from gold and you have yourself a fortune in your pocket.  This watch is so sought-after that people would literally give an arm and a leg just to get it.  It currently rests in a museum in L.A.  So, if you want to see it before it ends up in a collector's hands, do so now.

Written By:  John Michael Bushman
About the Author:  Geek.  Gamer.  Watch Enthusiast.  He's also a self-proclaimed conspiracy theorist  (though he was quite depressed then the world didn't end back in 2012).  If he isn't at home playing video games or watching anime, he's sitting in his office reading about horology, quantum physics, and possibly fanfiction involving his favorite characters.

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* At the date of this article's posting, 1 US Dollar is pegged at 50 Philippine Pesos (PHP).