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Early Christmas Fashion TikTok Contest


1.) Follow UniSilver TIME on Tiktok.

2.) From September 1 to 30, create and post a TikTok video in your account with the theme Early Christmas Fashion

3.) Videos should feature a UniSilver TIME watch, and showcase it for at least 3 seconds. (You may borrow a UniSilver TIME watch from a store and use it within the store premises.)

4.) Videos are encouraged to be fashionable and creative

5.) Props, costumes, pets, sound effects, etc may be used.

6.)Early Christmas Fashion slide must be included in any part of the video. Please download and save this slide image:

7.) Please include the tags @UniSilverTIME and #EarlyChristmasFashion. Incomplete and wrong tags will be disqualified.

8.) Videos will be disqualified if they show contents that are illegal, offensive, vulgar, have dangerous stunts, or show other watch brands.

9.) Contestants should have their videos viewable by public (in Privacy Settings).

10.) You may post as many videos as you like, but only one of your videos can be selected to be in the Top Ten.


11.) TOP TEN The Top Ten videos will be CHOSEN BASED ON FASHION AND CREATIVITY, and will be reposted on the official UniSilver TIME Tiktok account on October 7, 2022.

12.) TOP THREE From the Top Ten reposted videos, the Top Three will be CHOSEN BASED ON NUMBER OF LIKES they have garnered from the UniSilver TIME Tiktok account from October 7 to 20, 2022.

13.) The prizes for the Top Three will be ALLOCATED BASED ON FASHION AND CREATIVITY. Winners will be announced on October 26, 2022.


14.) The following are the prizes:

Prizes for Top Ten: 1 Watch each Prizes for

Top Three: P5,000 cash + 1 watch for the Grand Winner P3,000 cash + 1 watch for the 1st Runner Up P2,000 + 1 watch for the 2nd Runner Up


Written By: Chrono Ron



About the Author: Borderline Millennial, Conspiracy Theorist, and Watch Enthusiast since 2010.  He spends most of his time raising Bok-Bok, a bull terrier, and Jill, a Jack Russell Terrier dog. 

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