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A Fun Filled UniSilver TIME Photoshoot with Bea, Derrick, Kristoffer and Joyce

                 It was raining hard on Manila last Thursday (July 27, 2017) that some classes were already suspended and we almost cancelled our shoot, but the downpour could not stop our dedicated artists in lending their time for the photo shoot of UniSilver TIME.

                The first two to arrive were Kristoffer Martin and Joyce Ching, UniSilver TIME's latest TIMEbassadors. They showed great chemistry as they posed for their pair shots, and with no less aptitude, they showed their versatility as they modeled five times for their individual photo shoots. Joyce was regal and sporty as she posed with elegant and sporty attires, respectively.  Kristoffer was your endearing boy-next-door, smiling and charming everyone during his shoot.  He mingled with everyone on set, making the shoot easy and fun albeit the strong downpour outside.

                Here are some of their behind-the-scene photos:




                Arriving straight from their taping of the television show Mulawin, not just the rain but even exhaustion could not deter the energy of long-standing TIMEbassadors Bea Binene and Derrick Monasterio as they prepared for their turns.  Derrick showed his leading man quality as he posed for his individual shots, exuding masculinity, while Bea made everyone laugh with her bubbly personality during her time as she cracked some jokes, making the tiring afternoon more enjoyable. Sparks flew as the two posed with each other for their pair shots, proving to everyone that they are a perfect match.

                Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos just for you guys:





                Halfway through his shoot, the team surprised Derrick with a cake to celebrate his upcoming birthday on August 1.  He was thankful for the teams' gift to him and everyone shared a small meal to celebrate his special day.

    (Birthday boy Derrick with the UniSilver TIME team)

                 All-in-all, the shoot was a success and we can't wait to show you all the final photos in our upcoming campaign!  That is, after we are done with all our other photoshoots (wink), and let you see some more BTS.  

                 In the mean time, follow us at our  Facebook Fanpage, Twitter and Instagram accounts to catch our next shoot with more of our endorsers.

    (Everyone having a good TIME with Derrick on his shoot.)

    (It's a wrap! The entire UniSilver TIME team with Bea.)

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    Written By:  Marko Sevilla

    About the Author:  An aspiring writer, blogger and watch enthusiast. Usually spends his free time writing short stories or poems in his blog or just on any paper available nearby. Your new correspondent for anything and everything about UniSilver TIME.